For centuries, artisans in Spain have crafted the world’s most beautiful marble pieces. Their designs evolved from the influence of the Romans, Visigoths and Moors who ruled the region through the millennia. Today, the workshops of these stone-carving masters in California balance advance technologies with ancient stone-carving traditions to produce one of a kind masterpieces in marble that infuse homes around the world with classic breathtaking beauty, style simplicity and elegance. Blesa is your connection to the ages. Blesa has earned a global reputation for crafting and providing the world’s most beautiful and enduring marble fireplaces and masterpieces. Select from the different types of Spanish marble that our artists will craft to produce one of different fireplace designs that will be custom cut to meet your home’s individual specifications.

Our team reviews your project. Assists in determining how best to realize our vision, and then works closely with our craftsmen in the Los Angeles workshop in California to create for you our unique hearth and mantle.

From concept to installation, your Blesa representative closely tracks the development, creation, testing and shipping of your order. As a result, you’ll always know the location of your hearth in the process, and in the world.


Our customers’ satisfaction with Blesa creations is among the highest in the industry worldwide. Homeowners, builders, designers, decorators and architects turn to Blesa to find and quarry the finest marble, creating world-class masterpieces in stone that embody and surpass their greatest vision.

Before we ship to you your marble hearth our master craftsmen subject each design to an extensive and thorough examination, to ensure that each fireplace and mantle that leaves our studio is worthy of Blesa.  Only then does your stone treasure makes its way to you, anywhere around the States and Canada.


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